Assignment Description Due Date Value Solutions
0 (HW0)

Optional Data Camp assignments.

Register for our course on Data Camp at this link, and complete the assignment there:

If you are already comfortable with R, you don’t need to do this.

N/A 0 (optional) N/A
1 (HW1) Prerequisites and day 1. This is just to make sure you feel comfortable with the foundations. You should have received an invitation to a GitHub repository with the assignment. Let me know if not. Sept. 13 1
2 (HW2) Linear Algebra view of linear regression models. Sept. 20 1
3 (HW3) Cross-validation, transformations, and issues with model specification and multiple comparisons. Oct. 5 1
4 (HW4) K nearest neighbors. Oct. 19 1
5 (HW5) Logistic Regression. Oct. 30 1
6 (HW6) Penalized estimation and trees. Nov. 6 1
7 (HW7) Stacked ensembles and random forests. Nov. 15 1 Will be posted later