Instructor: Evan Ray


Office: Clapp 404C

Office Hours: Regularly scheduled office hours at the times listed below. These are times I guarantee I will be in my office and available, but I am also available by appointment at other times.

Extra Help: We have a TA for this class, Sabirah Shuaybi. She is fantastic. There are two different ways you can meet with her:

  1. She will hold regular office hours on Thursday nights from 7-9pm in Clapp 420 as a time for group work. You can also just use this space as a time and place to work with others in the class.
  2. She is also available for individual one-on-one meetings on Wednesdays in the library atrium between 4 and 6 pm. You can book an appointment with her directly on her calendar here:

Piazza: We have a Piazza page at You can ask and answer questions there, anonymously if you want, and everyone in the class will be able to see and contribute to the answers.

Syllabus: pdf

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